We’ve Come A Long Way

This month we are celebrating 10 years in business.

10 years of helping small business owners, professionals, and leaders realize their potential, expand their businesses, and navigate through uncertainty.

Time is a funny thing. Making the decision to open Structure for Success feels like yesterday AND a 100 years ago. My business doesn’t look the same as it did back in 2013. Different clients, different projects, different office. But I don’t think that is because it has been 10 years. I have changed. My business model has changed. Life has changed. Change isn’t a dirty word. I think both professionals and businesses need to grow and evolve to thrive.

I do think that sometimes when a milestone hits, we, as busy professionals, miss the milestone. I know I was always striving for the next best thing and often missed what was right in front of me. Always looking for the next best project. The “one” that made my heart sing. I am pretty sure many of the people I work with, don’t take the time to truly look back and celebrate everything we have achieved. I’ve decided I don’t agree with the “rule” that tells us not look back because we aren’t going that way. Don’t wallow in the past but we can learn from it. And more importantly we should celebrate everything we have done and how far we have come.

But when I look back, I think there were lots of celebrations I missed because I was too busy scrambling. So my lesson today and my advice to you is to take a minute, no matter where you are, and breathe in your successes. Don’t wait for tomorrow, or until this one thing is done, or until you get this one client – celebrate now.

Celebrate the people, friends, clients, processes, events, and whatever else helped you get to where you are today. And thank them. Also celebrate and be proud of you. You persevered and prospered. Don’t forget to celebrate you too! Cheers to more celebrations.

Thank YOU for being part of our lives for the last 10 years. And here’s to many more!