What is Structure for Success?

What is Structure for Success? Structure for Success is an Human Resources consulting firm. By combining human resource functions, business development, and internal and external communications, Structure for Success offers an integrated approach to growing businesses. Our goal is to help free up the business owner from those time-consuming tasks that keep them from achieving their business passion.

How can we help you? Structure for Success provides the tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, and knowledge to help you structure your business for success. Structure for Success can help you perfect the skills and techniques you need to grow your business, enrich your life, and increase your revenue.

In particular, Structure for Success will relieve you of the day-to-day HR and Communications tasks so you can spend more time on what you really want to do in business and in life.

Structure for Success puts the Human back into Human Resources.  Let Wendy McClellan, the owner and CEO of Structure for Success, help you achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level. We are here to protect your business AND empower your employees. This will increase your profitability and proficiency.

Let Structure for Success bring integrity, balance and focus to your business.

About Structure for Success


How to Keep your Business Moving Forward in this Heat!

Summer officially began on June 20th this year, but any business owner knows that summer really began when school let out the end of May. The Phoenix heat has set in by now and the air conditioners are running non-stop, and people are finding cooler places to vacation. Is summer different for business owners? Yes […]

Servant Leadership

One of the corporations I worked with in the 2000’s decided they wanted to transform all their leaders into Servant Leaders. It wasn’t a new concept, as servant leadership had been around since the 1970’s. But the new CEO had just “read a book” and decided it was the answer to our struggling company. He […]

Staying Ahead of the Chaos

Here we are in May – the time for graduations, weddings, sports tournaments, and Memorial Day. The time when my schedule can seem overwhelming and non-stop. Mostly because the personal invades my professional time. Why when they overlap does my stress level spike? A recent survey I read said nearly ¾ of leaders are already […]

What Does the New Overtime Rule Mean?

Because of the FLSA ruling, I have been asking my clients the same questions repeatedly. What new ruling you ask? Last week the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA) increased the required annual salary-level threshold by 23.4%. If you are reading this and saying “Huh?” Or if you have no clue if this applies to you. […]

Leading by Example

One of the most overused and underexplained leadership concepts is that of “Lead by Example.” It should be self-explanatory yet in every one of my leadership workshops I have new leaders who are brave enough to ask questions on this concept. “Does this mean I have to do the same work they are doing?” “Does […]

6 Ways to Create Psychological Safety at Work

An HR leader recently called me to bounce some ideas around regarding her leadership team. As she began to describe their struggle with specific situations, I realized there was a solution they hadn’t tried yet. It wasn’t accountability, or goal setting. Instead, we realized her leaders hadn’t created an environment where psychological safety was the […]

Trust in the Workplace

Whenever I teach a workshop on communication I start with the concept of trust. Why do I begin with the concept of trust? Because without trust, communication is superficial. Think about it –if your communication, as a leader, is shallow or non-existent, your employees, your teams, and your colleagues will essentially ignore what you are […]

I9 Form Grace Period Ends Soon

The new I9 form has been the talk of the town for a couple months now. It was announced on July 21st that the new form should be used as of August 1, 2023. So why am I just now bringing it up? Because the grace period ends on October 31st and employers are required […]

As the Workplace Evolves, Your Performance Reviews Should Too

The performance review systems of the past will not survive—nor should they. They were built for a workplace that no longer exists. Performance reviews must evolve with the changing workplace. Younger generations of empowered employees and the continuing proliferation of remote work are transforming the workplace. Much work today, especially knowledge work like the practice […]

4 Ways to Encourage Accountability

We all know that accountability in the workplace is one of the driving characteristics of high-performing teams and offices. If accountability isn’t part of your company’s culture, you will struggle with employee performance and engagement. Plus, if employees can always escape accountability by making excuses, you will have a stagnant culture and workforce. Accountability isn’t […]

Employee Recognition Programs

Most people I have met, managed, and worked with want to be appreciated. They want to be appreciated for their hard work, for hitting a production goal, or for contributing to the company’s success, for showing up on time, and for being a decent person.  Even the person who says they don’t want the trophy, […]

Outside Perspectives

Like many of my friends and clients, I am a corporate refuge. I spent years in the corporate world, and in that realm, the HR team was the core of the business. It served as the first touchpoint candidates encountered when applying for a job, it was the heartbeat for recruiting, and we dealt with […]

Banging Heads and Soothing Feathers: Difficult Conversations

In today’s competitive, diverse, and fragmented workplace, conflict happens.Different people, with different work styles, personal and professional needs, are bound to clash about what to do and how to get it done. There’s no need to fear conflict, resolved effectively, conflict and its resolution can lead to personal and professional growth, and a more resilient workplace. Before […]

How to Encourage Flexibility, Pivots, and Changes in the Workplace

If there is one thing the last few years taught us, it is how to be flexible. Now when someone has to reschedule it isn’t a big deal – we accommodate and make the adjustments. For us introverts, sometimes it is a blessing, sometimes it is putting off the inevitable. Either way we, dare I […]

Birthdays — One of the Most Common HR Traps

During my years in Corporate America, I didn’t give it a second thought when my offices had a birthday party for a team member. As my offices grew, we changed the ritual to once a month (from everyone celebrating individually), but the balloon, cake, and card were “normal” office policy. I learned the hard way […]

Are you Playing in the Major Leagues?

Welcome to Spring 2023. Yes, I said Spring. While the rest of the country digs out from yet another snow storm, we are truly blessed to live in the Southwest, with its warm days and cool nights (although it has been cooler than normal for us!). It is the land of the Early Spring—those rare […]

Maintaining a Healthy Work-Home Balance

I was lucky and I had an office to hide in during the pandemic. However, for many of my clients, remote work is here to stay. Yes, working from home has become the norm. When the pandemic started, I reminded businesses that it was important to maintain a healthy work/home balance and to respect people’s […]


"Don’t let old mistakes or misfortunes hold you down: learn from them, forgive yourself—or others—and move on. Do not be bothered or discouraged by adversity. Instead, meet it as a challenge. Be empowered by the courage it takes you to overcome obstacles. Learn something new every day."

- Ashley Rice


"Wendy has been a contributing writer for us here at Ultimate Woman International for about a year. Her talent to is beyond amazing and always inspiring to our readers and more. She has a natural grace when speaking to others and lights up the room. Always a pleasure to hear her insight."

- Brittany P.