Are You Stuck on the Launch Pad? Join Our Career Launch Program

You’ve taken that last exam and marched proudly in your college or grad school graduation. You’ve had jobs before—waiting tables, stacking boxes, checking out groceries or clothes—but not a career. You’ve sent out a few resumes because that’s what you do, but nothing has come of it. Are you ever going to be able to pay those student loans on your own? Rent? Groceries?

What do you do now?

Invest in yourself, that’s what. For $495, Structure for Success’s Career Launch Program provides three coaching sessions and Kolbe A Assessment and customized analysis to get your career off the ground.

Our coaching helps you:

  • Discover your passion—what gets you out of bed in the morning—and transform it into a career
  • Formulate a step-by-step plan to begin your career
  • Give yourself permission to succeed

Your Kolbe A Assessment will:

  • Help you find a career that accents your natural talents
  • Catch the eye of hiring managers
  • Give you the confidence to be your best self

You’ve put in the work. Don’t stop before you’ve started. We’ll give you the lift-off you need.

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