What is Structure for Success?

What is Structure for Success? Structure for Success is an Human Resources consulting firm. By combining human resource functions, business development, and internal and external communications, Structure for Success offers an integrated approach to growing businesses. Our goal is to help free up the business owner from those time-consuming tasks that keep them from achieving their business passion.

How can we help you? Structure for Success provides the tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, and knowledge to help you structure your business for success. Structure for Success can help you perfect the skills and techniques you need to grow your business, enrich your life, and increase your revenue.

In particular, Structure for Success will relieve you of the day-to-day HR and Communications tasks  so you can spend more time on what you really want to do in business and in life.

Structure for Success puts the Human back into Human Resources.  Let Wendy McClellan, the owner and CEO of Structure for Success, help you achieve your business goals and take your business to the next level. We are here to protect your business AND empower your employees. This will increase your profitability and proficiency.

Let Structure for Success bring integrity, balance and focus to your business.

About Structure for Success


Collaboration is Key

I learned at an early age that working together is the best way to get things done. My baby sister was born on a freezing Tuesday night in February. As Dad traveled for work, Mom sank into what we now know was post-partum depression. I was the oldest child, and it fell to me, at […]

“Easy” Employee Engagement Tips

Do your workers seem bored and listless, as if they’re just going through the motions? Yeah, you say, but I can’t do anything about it. Work is work. At least they get a paycheck. But all work—or at least all workplaces—are not created equal. Whether or not you think you should have to engage your […]


"Don’t let old mistakes or misfortunes hold you down: learn from them, forgive yourself—or others—and move on. Do not be bothered or discouraged by adversity. Instead, meet it as a challenge. Be empowered by the courage it takes you to overcome obstacles. Learn something new every day."

- Ashley Rice


"Wendy helped me create techniques to overcome my nervousness for an upcoming job interview. Her advice was incredibly helpful, kept me focused, and gave me the confidence to get the job! Her serendipitous counsel was instrumental in beginning the seeds of self-confidence that grew and grew, and ultimately created a ripple of wonderful effects all over my life. Thank you for all of your help! Jacqui"

- Your advice was incredibly helpful!